Revolutionize your Dock and Yard Management.

With SmartDock.


A smart solution for improved resource planning, extra efficient communication and lower warehouse costs.

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Our SmartDock solution is the missing link between Warehouse management systems (WMS) and transportation management software (TMS). Optimally matching shipments and deliveries with available resources – equipment, docks and people – it maximizes their utilization and minimizes congestion, using intuitive communication with truck drivers.


With the help of the intuitive drag & drop feature, you can easily reschedule shipments, move them to waiting areas or a different dock and reassign trucks from waiting areas to a dock of your choice. SmartDock also features visual overview, which enables you to access quick and reliable insight about where trucks are located and which docks are free or full.

at a glance

SmartDock showcases everything that’s happening in your yard on one centralized screen with multiple views, giving you full insight and control, as well as quick entry and editing and convenient management of all shipment data. SmartDock lets you take an “air traffic control” approach to managing your yard and docks.


Statistics and reports

The built-in graphs and statistics option power facility, warehouse and logistics managers with additional insight into their whole operation, individual carriers, supplier performance and promo item quantities. Reporting is built-in to SmartDock, along with PDF exporting of reports and is easy-to-use.

Our customers benefit from...


... 31% average cost reduction.


... up to 65% time saving (more vehicles can be processed).


... up to 27% reduction of inventory stock.


... up to 70 minutes loading/unloading time reduction per truck.

Additional advantages

  • No traffic jam in the yard, order at the docks
  • Efficient communication
  • Warehouse worker and truck driver satisfaction
  • Process optimization and precise performance
    management using statistics & dashboards
  • Easy integration with WMS and TMS
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